Clamp Roof PRODUCT_CODE: CLAMP-ROOF213 CATEGORY: ROOF AND EXTERIOR SYSTEMS What is Clamp Roof? Seam roof is the application of metal coating materials such as painted-galvanized sheet metal, aluminum, aluminum, copper and titanium zinc, which are coating materials, on roofs and facades by producing the desired lengths with the clamping machine. Send Inqury:

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Painted-galvanized sheet metal, which is clamp roof, coating materials,

metal plating such as aluminum, aluminum, copper and titanium zinc

 The clamping machine of the materials is produced in the desired lengths.

 It is applied on roofs and facades.

 by mounting on the roof every 60 cm, two clamping sheets

 clamping by tightening with pliers or clamping robot.

It's called a clamped roof. 100% tightness, whole

 Compliance with roof projects and being able to be covered seamlessly at any desired length

It is a roofing type whose demand is increasing day by day.

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