VPS BIOCLIMATIC System Characteristics Breathable, Watertight Cover Orientable slats, from 0° to 110°Working Slat Dimensions 222×40 mm Maximum Dimensions (type 4 columns) Height: 3,000 mm, Width: 4,200 mm, Length:13.000mm Rainwater Drainage Free-flow drainage or slab channeling. Safety Hidden drains and electrical lines.Materials 6063 T5 aluminium, stainless steel and polyacetal (POM).Motorised Operation 24V DC motor (low voltage) provides better safety against electric shocks. Additional earthing protection. Finishes In accordance with specifications for Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualanod. RAL colour, anodized or wood effect finishes are available. 10 years of warranty for finishes.

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