Irrigation & Agriculture Digital Water Meter Send Inqury : System Features • The system is activated by installing a prepaid irrigation meter on each hydrant. • By distributing smart cards to the users, it is ensured that the meters operate with prepaid credits. • Each user is given a card, users can load these cards as much as they want with cash and use as much water as they load. • When the user goes to the counter and reads the card to start irrigation, it takes 5 seconds. inside the valve is opened. • Work and balance information can be followed on the screen. • With the amount adjustment unit in the system, irrigation is completed at the end of the amount set by the user. • User information can be easily seen, reported and stored in the computer software. • You can easily charge a unit price in m³ via the computer software. • Thanks to the memory on the prepayment unit, 1400 historical usage reports can be monitored. • All equipment related to the system is designed industrially and produced specially. • The prepayment meter unit works uninterruptedly without any need for energy and maintenance, except for its own battery.

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