Firuze Media Communication, Advertising and Publishing Organization ind. Tr. Ltd. Co. has been serving institutions and organizations since 2012 with its expert staff in the sector.

Firuze Media Ind. Tr. Ltd. Co. in-house brands Metropol Türkiye, Metropol Antalya, Metropol Konya, Metropopüler,, and the companies it serves, discovers the visual and corporate identities, the steps to be taken to reach the target audience, produce the necessary solutions and apply them on behalf of our customers. It keeps quality in the forefront, with its experienced, dynamic and unconditional customer satisfaction team, which has specialized in the sector for many years. It can respond to all requests related to the promotion of its customers, to create good service and long-term cooperation in customer relations.

The team - as well as being a guide platform for companies, helps them to communicate with potential customers by conducting publicity and market research on behalf of the company.

B2BGain works as a Foreign Trade department within your organization and collects market research, offers and requests on behalf of your company.

Support the rapid economic growth experienced in Africa, Turkey and promising to enter this strategic market acting as a bridge between African countries, it aims to provide new growth opportunities in Africa.

We as the B2Bgain team with our industrial companies in various sectors, African, Southern American and Turkish country representatives, are working to provide the best services.

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