04 Jul

The  regular  weekly  trainings  of  the  B2BGain  team are conducted  by Foreign Trade Specialist Şükrü  Kökçınar, B2BGain  Editor  Beycan  Aksoy and  Marketing  Manager  Beyzat Aksoy. Tuya  Moda Company  Owner  Kemal  Digrak was the guest  at  this  week's  meeting.

Firuze  Media  continues  its  trainings, collecting and  evaluating  the  demands  for the  B2BGain Project  and directing  them to  the  companies  in  addition  to  the  developing  and  growing  industries  in  Konya, Turkey. B2bgain  aims  to promote  and  increase  imports  and  exports  to  African  markets.  It also  continues  to  work on this  road and  trainings  without  slowing  down.

 During  the meeting, many issues  such  as demands  from  the  African market, services of B2bGain Platform, foreign trade, export and customs rules  were discussed. Firuze  Media’s  B2BGain Platform studies and  trainings  have started  to give results.

The  issues  discussed at the weekly  training  and  evaluation  meeting  and  the  demands  from  the team  continue  to  reach  the  conclusion  with  the  right directions.

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