13 Jun

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) announced the provisional foreign export data for May. In May, Turkey's export was $9 billion 964 million, decreasing 40,9 percent. Exports in the last 12 months decreased by 8,4 percent to $165 billion 732 million.

Chairman of TIM Ismail Gülle pointed out that Germany's Export numbers faced the biggest decrease in the last 30 years in April, Japan's Export numbers also faced the biggest decrease after the financial crisis in 2008. Mr.Gülle also said “With the normalization process and the following months, our expectations from Turkish exporters are beyond the normal.”

Virtual Trade Delegations to be Continued with India and South Korea

Gülle also said: “We will continue to hold virtual trade delegations with the coordination of Trade Ministry, within the scope of the 'next generation trade diplomacy' activities. We organized two virtual Trade delegations to Uzbekistan and Kenya in the past weeks. We plan to hold two more delegations to India on 15th-19th of June and South Korea on 22nd-23rd of June.”

Leader Exporter Sector was “Automotive Industry” in May

In May, Export in “Automotive Industry” was $1 billion 203 million, “Chemistry Products” followed automotive with $1 billion 177 million and “Clothing” was the 3rd sector in monthly export with $840 million 203 thousand. In May, according to same month in 2019, Automotive export decreased by 56,3 percent, Chemistry's export decreased by 48,2 percent and Clothing's export decreased by 39,1 percent. In May, according to same month in 2019, Turkey's export to Switzerland increased by $44,4 million, to Azerbaijan increased by $39,1 million and to Venezuela increased by $15,9 million.

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